November 21, 2011

Tiger B2 died outside Bandhavgarh

In latest development, famous Bandhavgarh tiger B2 died far away from Bandhavgarh. Death of B2 was confirmed by Field Director of Bandhavgarh. He was found near Churi Village of Shahdol district in Madhya Pradesh. He was discovered in injured state and was tranquillized for treatment but later he passed away. He was about 16years old and has achieved life time achievement award in past. B2 as pushed out from his territory by young male tiger and was not seen since long time. Old age is clumsy face of royal life of tiger. It is the painful time of their life from which every aged tiger have to pass. Death of B2 tiger is a closure of an important chapter of Bandhavgarh Tigers.

Rest in peace B2. We pay our homage to legend B2.

November 18, 2011

Air-taxi from Jabalpur to Kanha & Bandhavgarh

From 01/Dec/2011, visitors can have air-taxi facility between Jabalpur - Kanha & Jabalpur-Bandhavgarh. This will be Cessna Grand Caravan Aircraft manufactured in USA.

November 16, 2011

Pench Male Tiger translocation to Panna National Park

Continuing the process of translocation of tigers to Panna National Park, Madhya Pradesh Forest Department experts team is heading for one more shifting of male tiger to Panna National Park in near future. After recent 06 years old orphan Kanha tigress translocation, this will be next step tiger shifting drive to Panna national park.

Earlier Forest Department officials identified Bandhavgarh male tiger for this proposed translocation but on warning by experts regarding similar gene pool, idea was dropped and now two & half year old Pench tiger was selected for shifting. A team from Wildlife Institute of India have reached Pench National Park to look after the translocation process according to the guidelines of NTCA (National Tiger Conservation Authority) protocol. As if now, their is no deadline for this translocation, it may take some time.

04 Black bucks shifted to Kanha National Park

In yet another translocation move, Madhya Pradesh Forest Department successfully shifted 04 black bucks from Seoni forest area to Kanha National Park on 15/Nov/2011. Complete translocation process was done under supervision of 14-member experts team arrived from Andhra Pradesh state in India & senior forest officials, veterinary doctors. Among shifted black bucks, their are 02 males and 02 females

In this process, firstly black bucks were caught near Karirat village, falls under Seoni district and shifted to Kanha Tiger Reserve. At first they will be kept in specially made enclosure to normalize them, study their behavior and help them to adapt to surrounding conditions.

Kanha National Park forest was home of Black buck till 2003 but after that, they were never seen in Kanha forest. Madhya Pradesh forest department has undertaken the project to shift atleast 50 black bucks to Kanha National Park to revive their population in this forest and increase their population in state. The place from where these black bucks were caught, was close to Pench National Park. Actually their is a belt of forest in Satpura ranges that connects Kanha, Pench & Satpura National Parks. Among them, Satpura National Park have healthy population of black bucks and they can be seen easily during jungle safari in this tiger reserve.

November 1, 2011

Introduction of New Safari Zone-Kisli in Kanha Forest

In recent development, park management of Kanha National Park has introduced new safari zone in Kanha National Park and was named "Kisli Zone". It is created out of Kanha zone and its tickets count is also extracted from Kanha zone. So new tickets schedule will be as follows for Kanha:
  1. Kisli Zone = 18 Tickets
  2. Kanha Zone = 40 Tickets
  3. Sarhi Zone = 27 Tickets
  4. Mukki Zone = 40 Tickets
With the introduction of new safari zone, park management has tried to ensure even distribution of safari vehicles in forest during safari timing. More that that it is not a Permium Zone like Kanha Zone so its safari cost will also be less than safari cost in Kanha Zone. So it is obvious, visitors will try for Kisli zone before opting Kanha Zone.