June 5, 2010

Second Tigress of Panna National Park have delivered cubs

Panna National Park is now booming with tiger cubs. Earlier on 09/May/2010, cubs news came from Panna Park and similar kind of news is coming again from park. Their are signs that tigress trans-located from Kanha National Park has delivered baby cubs. Her territory is under Bador Beat of Panna Tiger Reserve and since last 7 days she remains inside a cave and not seen roaming in her area. As per forest officials, signs are very positive that tigress is with her cubs and within next few days, she may be seen out with cubs. It is welcome news for all the wildlife lovers and conservationists. I hope Panna National Park with regain its lost popularity and be visited by tourists from all over the world.

As Panna National Park is close (45kms/01:00hrs) to Khajuraho Temples so it is a good combination of Historical Temples with wildlife including water-falls and Gharial reserve. I hope such good news will promote tourism in this region as Tourism is main source of livelihood for local peoples.

Sunil Kumar Dubey
Indus Excursion

June 2, 2010

Value of National Animal in India

Tiger is a National Animal of India. It is a important figure in Wildlife Tourism of India. It is shameful to learn that in Bandhavgarh, postmortem of deceased tigress was done in open using axe. If we can't even provide basic facilities to our National Animal then we have no right to call him a National Animal. We earn millions of money in the name of Wildlife Tourism and not even willing to provide postmortem room and proper medical equipments to doctor/s doing postmortem then we have no right to pose a s people in favor of wildlife conservation. We don't provide the justice tigress when she was alive and even after her death we did the insult of her body.

Do we deserve to call ourselves human by doing inhuman act?