September 24, 2010

Safari Booking Open for Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench & Panna National Parks

Online booking of Jungle Safari tickets is now open for public. Tickets are offers for Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench & Panna National Parks. This time visitors are also required to provide vehicle details also to be used for park safari. With this maximum vehicles permitted for each zone in each national park is also cleared. Vehicle limit for safari in each national park for season from 16/Oct.2010 to 30/June/2011 is as follows:
Kanha Zone = 63 vehicles
Mukki Zone = 45 vehicles
Sarhi Zone = 27 vehicles

Tala Zone = 32 vehicles
Magadhi Zone = 66 vehicles
Khitauli Zone = 35 vehicles
Panpatha Zone = 45 vehicles

Turia Zone = 45 vehicles
Karmajhiri Zone = 09 vehicles
Jhamtara Zone = 05 vehicles

Panna Zone = 63 vehicles

Visitors now can do online booking of safari tickets. It seems their will be no change in safari charges for Foreign nationals but Indian tourists may have to pay more for jungle safari.

Thanks for dedicating your precious time on this information.

Sunil Kumar Dubey

September 15, 2010

Problem & Solution for Panna Tiger Cubs

Since last 05 days, Panna Tiger Cubs are in news. First report came that 03 male cubs of Bandhavgarh tigress are missing. Mother tigress was seen with only female tigress cub. Search operations was launched by park authorities. Later 01 out of 03 missing cubs was located but 02 are still missing. When mother tigress was examined carefully, it was noticed that she had wound marks on her face which is clear indication that she has conflict with the only male tiger of Panna (shifted from Pench Park).

Location of male adult tiger was also close to tigress territory which confirms the chances of mother tigress conflict with adult tiger to protect her cubs. It is a unusual behavior shown male tiger as usually father do not attacks on his cubs. Wildlife experts are watching the situation carefully in Panna forest.

Panna's male tiger is posing danger to other two mother tigress cubs. Field Director of Panna Mr. R. Sriniwas Murthy says that "Tigers are known to exhibit such behavior when they have an urge to mate". Male Tiger's behavior is aggressive and has attacked cubs several times in last one month time. As both the available tigress are with cubs so they are not responding to it s sexual overtures. So possible solution to the problem is to introduce more tigress to Panna forest from nearby Tiger Reserves possible from Kanha & Bandhavgarh to avail more options to male tiger and so that mother tigress could feel safe in the park.

In near future, their is possibility of more tiger translocations possibly from Kanha National Park & Bandhavgarh National Park. Madhya Pradesh government has secured translocation permission of about 06 tigers (including 02 males & 04 females) in step-wise fashion. It is a part of tiger reintroduction programme.

Possible tiger translocation could take place next one to two months. Here is the opportunity for forest department to introduce such tigers & tigress who are grown up in semi-wild conditions due to mother loss in their early days.

Sunil Kumar Dubey

September 14, 2010

Re-wilding Cheetahs in Madhya Pradesh, Central India

Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh State in India has given permission to re-introduce African Cheetah in Central India. Areas selected for the project are: Kuno Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary & Noradehi Wildlife Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh State.

Kuno Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary is located in North Madhya Pradesh in Sheopur District which is close to Shivpuri National Park and Gwalior city. While coming from Ranthambhor National Park towards Orchha/Khajuraho/Gwalior/Shivpuri it falls on the way. Kuno Palpur forest is in news since last 10years as it was declared most suitable for Project to re-introduce Asiatic Lion in Central India.

Noradehi Wildlife Sanctuary lies in Sagar District at Central Madhya Pradesh about 70kms North-West to Jabalpur city. On the basis of results from Kuno Palpur Sanctuary, Cheetah will be replenish in Noradehi forest area.

As per State Environment Minister, we can expect first installment of 08 Cheetah (02 Male & 06 Females) in winters of Year 2011 transferred through ship by way of sea. They were first introduced to Kuno Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary with an area of 300sq. km. Here many villages have been rehabilitated to other places to avoid any conflicting situation. As per wildlife experts at least 20 Cheetah can be accommodated in this wildlife sanctuary in present situation. Their is also plan to fence the park area to avoid cheetah's to move out of park area. In second phase, lions will be trans-located from Gir National Park to Kuno Palpur Sanctuary.

Cheetahs were known to exist in India, long time back but are now extinct. Out Environment Minister said that "Cheetah is the only animal that has been described extinct in last 100 years. It is said that last 03 Asiatic Cheetahs of India was shot by Maharaja of Sarguja in Sarguja District of Chattisgarh State in the year 1947, where as last lion of Central India was shot in around 1853. At present Asiatic Cheetahs in Asia are present in Iran and are close to extinct.

Although announcements have been made by ministers, but it will be interesting to see how implementation work will be done in laid time-frame as delay due to malfunctioning of government machinery is closely associated with such projects. Still it is a welcome move by Environment Ministry of India & State Government.

Lets hope things will go as per declarations. All the very best!

Sunil Kumar Dubey