October 25, 2010

Tala Zone: NO Premium Safari Zone

Bandhavgarh Park Management has decided to withdraw the proposal of declaring Tala Zone as Premium Safari Zone under which they have planned to just double the entrance charges for doing Jungle Safari in this zone. Decision was taken yet we have to wait for formal order from Forest Department. This decision was taken after considering the request of local resort owners and travel agents in a meeting. It means Tala Zone is treated similar to any other safari zone of Bandhavgarh. It is indeed a good news for visitors. But decision of closing park on every Wednesday from 01/April/2011 with remain as it is.

Implementation and subsequent withdrawal of decision indicates that decision was taken in a haphazard way without analyzing the result. It seems timing of decision was incorrect. Taking decisions in this way creates confusion among travel agents, visitors and resort owners especially in case when they have booked the tour in advance and their is no scope to revise the quotation. It will be far better if such decisions should be taken in much advance so that travel agents and other parties should remain mentally prepared and adjust their moves accordingly.

Sunil Kumar Dubey

October 21, 2010

Delhi-Jabalpur-Delhi Flights timing will change

Delhi-Jabalpur Flights timing change
From 01/Nov/2010, Kingfisher Airlines flight, traveling from Delhi - Jabalpur - Delhi, timing will change. From this date, flight will take-off from Delhi at 06:10AM and likely to reach Jabalpur Airport at 08:25AM and will again take-off from Jabalpur at 09:00 AM for Delhi. Similarly winter time schedule for Indian Flights will be announced very soon.

This is not the first time when flight timing is changed but it happens every year. Flight timing is decided by airlines authority on the basis of season, visitor load and other reasons. As if now National Parks are open for visitors so traveler's load has definitely been increased and at the same time we heading for winter season. Morning timing seems good for wildlife visitors of Kanha, Bandhavgarh & Pench as they may reach their park/resort in time to enjoy evening park safaris and matching to resort's check-in timing.

I hope the above information will be helpful to you all.

Thanks & regards
Sunil Kumar Dubey

Tigress found dead in Pench

Tigress found dead in Pench Tiger Reserve
One Tigress found dead in Murer Beat (Point No. 391) of Sub-Range Kurai in Pench Tiger Reserve. Body was laying in large grassland area and was first noticed by Monsoon Patrol Party. On 21/10/2010, postmortem was done. Postmortem done by Veterinary Doctor Akhilesh Mishra in presence of Range Officer, appointed representative of National Tiger Conservation Authority & other forest officials. Forensic data was sent to Sagar Laboratory for further investigation. In primary investigation, death cause seems to be tigers territorial conflict. After investigation, body was cremated. It is indeed a sad news but nature takes its own way.

Thanks & regards
Sunil Kumar Dubey

October 11, 2010

Anti-tourism policies for Kanha & Bandhavgarh

Their are number of declarations made by Madhya Pradesh Forest Department in which tourism in Bandhavgarh & Kanha National Parks has been specially targeted. Important declarations are as follows:

1: All National Parks of Madhya Pradesh will remain closed on Every WEDNESDAY of a week. This will be applicable from 01/April/2011.

2: Bandhavgarh: Most visited Tala Safari Zone of Bandhavgarh will come under Special Safari Zone from 16/Dec/2010. Special Safari Zone means visitors have to pay 200% (just double) entrance charge for jungle safari.

3: From 16/Dec/2010 to 05/Jan/2011: Park entrance fee will be charged in double at Kanha National Park (in Kanha & Mukki Zone) as this interval is considered as peak season.

4: From 01/May/2011 to 25/May/2011: Park entrance fee will be charged in double at Kanha Safari Zone of Kanha National Park (not in Mukki Zone) as this interval is considered as peak season for Kanha zone.

October 7, 2010

Tiger Translocations for Panna National Park

Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh is heading for more tiger translocations for Panna National Park. Tigers are likely to be arranged from Kanha & Bandhavgarh National Parks. As in recent days, it was noticed that only male tiger of Panna has shown unusually aggressive behavior towards his own cubs. Wildlife experts feels as his desire for mating partner is not fulfilled so he is charging on other two mother tigresses and their cubs. Tiger shifting to Panna will take place in coming one or two months. Sources says about 06 tigers will be shifted to Panna forest in which 02 Males & 04 Females will be shifted.

Few days back, in Kanha National Park a male tiger of approx. 10 years of age, found dead in Khapa range. On examining his body, it was revealed that he has multiple skull injuries due to tigers conflict for territory. In every years, many tigers dies in such conflicts. Such translocation may be one of the small temporary step to avoid scope of such conflicts. It is also a chance to introduce those tigers or tigresses who have lost their mothers in their early age and are grown up under supervision in man-made enclosures. Presence of few tigers in vast area of Panna National Park may offer chance for them to adapt in wilderness, smoothly and need not to struggle too hard for survival as in crowded forests.

Thank you for sparing your precious time in reading this article.

Sunil Kumar Dubey