December 25, 2009

Absconding Panna Tiger captured

Tiger absconding from Panna National Park was captures miles away from Tendukheda forest area of Damoh district in Madhya Pradesh State. He was the same tiger of age between 2-3years, shifted from Pench National Park to Panna National Park in a process to revive tiger population in park that lost all of its tigers. Tiger was captured through tranquilization close to a pond called Kalmali pond. He was put in a cage so that he may be shifted back to Panna forest. More than 70 personnel team was engaged to capture the absconding tiger since last 15 days along with more than 10 elephant team. Team comprises veterinary doctors from Jabalpur, wildlife specialists from Dehradun, Panna National Park officers etc. Tendukheda forest area is a hilly area forest, about 60 kms from Jabalpur city.

If we carefully study the direction and distance covered by tiger since 20/Nov/2009 when he left the Panna forest, their will be no surprise if he could manage to reach his original home i.e. Pench National Park. He spend hardly few days in Panna Forest and left the park, which raises serious questions on success of tiger trans-location procedure & steps taken to monitor them after. It shows tigers do not accept new area so easily. Earlier two tigress were also shifted from Kanha & Bandhavgarh national park who were also missing for some duration.