November 21, 2011

Tiger B2 died outside Bandhavgarh

In latest development, famous Bandhavgarh tiger B2 died far away from Bandhavgarh. Death of B2 was confirmed by Field Director of Bandhavgarh. He was found near Churi Village of Shahdol district in Madhya Pradesh. He was discovered in injured state and was tranquillized for treatment but later he passed away. He was about 16years old and has achieved life time achievement award in past. B2 as pushed out from his territory by young male tiger and was not seen since long time. Old age is clumsy face of royal life of tiger. It is the painful time of their life from which every aged tiger have to pass. Death of B2 tiger is a closure of an important chapter of Bandhavgarh Tigers.

Rest in peace B2. We pay our homage to legend B2.

November 18, 2011

Air-taxi from Jabalpur to Kanha & Bandhavgarh

From 01/Dec/2011, visitors can have air-taxi facility between Jabalpur - Kanha & Jabalpur-Bandhavgarh. This will be Cessna Grand Caravan Aircraft manufactured in USA.

November 16, 2011

Pench Male Tiger translocation to Panna National Park

Continuing the process of translocation of tigers to Panna National Park, Madhya Pradesh Forest Department experts team is heading for one more shifting of male tiger to Panna National Park in near future. After recent 06 years old orphan Kanha tigress translocation, this will be next step tiger shifting drive to Panna national park.

Earlier Forest Department officials identified Bandhavgarh male tiger for this proposed translocation but on warning by experts regarding similar gene pool, idea was dropped and now two & half year old Pench tiger was selected for shifting. A team from Wildlife Institute of India have reached Pench National Park to look after the translocation process according to the guidelines of NTCA (National Tiger Conservation Authority) protocol. As if now, their is no deadline for this translocation, it may take some time.

04 Black bucks shifted to Kanha National Park

In yet another translocation move, Madhya Pradesh Forest Department successfully shifted 04 black bucks from Seoni forest area to Kanha National Park on 15/Nov/2011. Complete translocation process was done under supervision of 14-member experts team arrived from Andhra Pradesh state in India & senior forest officials, veterinary doctors. Among shifted black bucks, their are 02 males and 02 females

In this process, firstly black bucks were caught near Karirat village, falls under Seoni district and shifted to Kanha Tiger Reserve. At first they will be kept in specially made enclosure to normalize them, study their behavior and help them to adapt to surrounding conditions.

Kanha National Park forest was home of Black buck till 2003 but after that, they were never seen in Kanha forest. Madhya Pradesh forest department has undertaken the project to shift atleast 50 black bucks to Kanha National Park to revive their population in this forest and increase their population in state. The place from where these black bucks were caught, was close to Pench National Park. Actually their is a belt of forest in Satpura ranges that connects Kanha, Pench & Satpura National Parks. Among them, Satpura National Park have healthy population of black bucks and they can be seen easily during jungle safari in this tiger reserve.

November 1, 2011

Introduction of New Safari Zone-Kisli in Kanha Forest

In recent development, park management of Kanha National Park has introduced new safari zone in Kanha National Park and was named "Kisli Zone". It is created out of Kanha zone and its tickets count is also extracted from Kanha zone. So new tickets schedule will be as follows for Kanha:
  1. Kisli Zone = 18 Tickets
  2. Kanha Zone = 40 Tickets
  3. Sarhi Zone = 27 Tickets
  4. Mukki Zone = 40 Tickets
With the introduction of new safari zone, park management has tried to ensure even distribution of safari vehicles in forest during safari timing. More that that it is not a Permium Zone like Kanha Zone so its safari cost will also be less than safari cost in Kanha Zone. So it is obvious, visitors will try for Kisli zone before opting Kanha Zone.

September 9, 2011

Air-taxi in Madhya Pradesh

Air Taxi service has been started between Jabalpur & Bhopal city. Now one can travel from Jabalpur to Bhopal in approx. 01:00hours. From 08/Sept/2011, this services has been formally started. Chief Minister of State announced the formal commencement of this service. This service is run by Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation in collaboration with Ventura Ariconnect. Similar service will also connect all 4 major cities of Madhya Pradesh State i.e. Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior & Jabalpur. In India, Madhya Pradesh is the first state to begin such service to establish better connectivity for business & tourism development in state. Seating capacity of given air-craft is 12. Public response against this service is good and company is getting customers as per their expectation.
Actual distance between Jabalpur & Bhopal is about 350kms. Usually it takes 7 to 8 hours to cover this distance by road and about 06:00hrs by train. With this facility we can cover the distance in just 01:00hours with comfort. If we see this in broader way, it connects wildlife tourism sector of Madhya Pradesh with pilgrimage sector of Madhya Pradesh which is a great achievement of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department.

August 17, 2011

Madhya Pradesh National Parks Jungle Safari Booking Open

Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh has opened the Jungle Safari Booking for upcoming season.

New updates for upcoming season is that Tala Safari Zone in Bandhavgarh National Park and Kanha Safari Zone in Kanha National Park will be PREMIER SAFARI ZONES. It means visitors (Indian & Foreigners) have to pay more fee than safari in other safari zone of Kanha & Bandhavgarh respectively.

For Tala Zone safari of Bandhavgarh, entry ticket charges are increased by 100%.
Indians Ticket Fee= 1000INR. Per Safari
Foreigner Ticket Fee = 2000INR. Per Safari

NEW CHARGES (2011-12)
Indians Ticket Fee= 2000INR. Per Safari
Foreigner Ticket Fee = 4000INR. Per Safari
* Guide Fee & Vehicle Charge will be additional to it.
For Kanha Zone safari of Kanha Park, entry ticket charges are increased by 50%.
Indians Ticket Fee= 1000INR. Per Safari
Foreigner Ticket Fee = 2000INR. Per Safari

NEW CHARGES (2011-12)
Indians Ticket Fee= 1500INR. Per Safari
Foreigner Ticket Fee = 3000INR. Per Safari
* Guide Fee & Vehicle Charge will be additional to it.

Entry ticket charges for other safari zone of Kanha & Bandhavgarh will remain same as were in last season (old charges stated above). But due to fuel price hike, vehicle charges are increased which will cause minor increment in safari charges for other safari zones of Kanha & Bandhavgarh.

As Jungle safari booking is now open, visitors can book safaris in advance for Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench, Panna National Parks. Till now, Forest Department has not made any change in maximum number of entry tickets to be sold for each entrance gate of above stated National Parks.

August 9, 2011

NARCO Test for Jhurjhura Tigress killing accused

In a positive move, Special Task Force (STF) has sought permission for NARCO test of Jhurjhura tigress jeep-hit case accused. On Tuesday, 09/Aug/2011, in a legal proceeding of this case, STF lawyer demanded NARCO test permission on all 4 accused in case from Chief Judicial Magistrate.

All four accused are from Forest Department names: Ranger Lalit Pandey, Ranger Jaynarayan Pandey, Guard K.K. Pandey & Maan Singh. This case came into light when famous Jhurjhura tigress found dead under mysterious circumstances inside National Park. During that time it caught all media attention due to which environment minister & state Chief minister took serious note of it and ordered for judicial probe. Forest department first tried to suppress the matter and tried to frame charge on tourist and created different stories. But foresnic report revealed the death cause as vehicle-hit in early morning hours when park remains closed for visitors which raised serious question on credibility of park authority claims. Several local safari-jeeps were detained & questioned to find scapegoat in case but at the last department's own vehicle was found involved in accident. Being tigress killed inside park in time when safari is not allowed, some NGO even claimed that forest department officials may have allowed special safari for high-profile guests by violating the rules. During that time, tigress was with 3 cubs and later after few months one cub was killed by other tiger. Here not only a tigress killed by a complete tiger family was destroyed. Local people know the fact & complete story but high profile nature of accused refrains them to come forward as their livelihood is linked with tourism in Bandhavgarh which is managed by department of accused.

Case is still going on and proceeding slowly. Let's hope some positive outcome in case.

July 29, 2011

Tigers re-location from Bandhavgarh to Madhav National Park

Madhya Pradesh forest department is looking forward to relocate tigers from Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve to Madhav National Park in Shivpuri. Plan is to relocate 02 tigress & 01 tiger from Bandhavgarh. Tigress to relocate were finalized and male tiger is yet to be finalized. 02 Female cubs to relocate were of Patour tigress in Bandhavgarh. She have 03 cubs in which 02 were female and 01 is male. Earlier all three were decided to relocate to Madhav National Park but considering the genetical disorder problem to their cubs Wildlife Institute of India (WII) official forwarded request to National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) to seek permission to select one male tiger from different tiger family of Bandhavgarh.

Patour tigress is active in Panpatha zone as Patour village lies their. It is about 6-7kms from Tala village. It was in news in past as tigress was poisoned their in past. Due to presence of human society, chances of man-animal conflict always remain persistent. It is good to relocate tigress from here as it will reduce pressure in forest and to some extent avoids chances of man-animal conflict.

July 9, 2011

Mirchaini Tigress cubs shifted to Van Vihar Bhopal

Final verdict of Madhya Pradesh Forest Department came out. Mirchaini tigress cubs awarded lifetime imprisonment at Van Vihar Zoo in Bhopal city. Investigating officers & department did their duties. Within 48hrs they found the killers tigers of Bandhavgarh, declared them man-eaters and shifted them to Van Vihar Bhopal.

When dictators gives verdict, nobody can raise voice against such decision whether it is justified or not. Similar situation is here with forest department. They are the actual king, they take one sided decision, right or wrong it doesn't matter. They have their own work culture and system and is far away from sensitivity towards animals and justice for animals. Wild animals can't speak, unable to give any explanation, not in a position to organize and protest. Forest department is taking advantage of all these weak point of animal society.

When Jhurjhura tigress killed inside Bandhavgarh National Park, first they blamed tourists, interrogated local safari jeep operators, blamed others, narrated different stories, put restriction in tourism activity. When NGO's opposed them, raised their voice then few names of Forest Department officials came out and case forwarded to different investigating agencies. Investigation outcome is still awaited since more than 01 year. Accused are still roaming freely, their is no rule to declare them danger to animals and imprison them as they could repeat the same incidence in future also. That was not the killing of a single tigress but destruction of a whole tiger family. Within few months one of her cub died. Indirectly, same accused are responsible for the death of cub also.

How can we expect fair investigations by Forest Department. Here it shows slackness & deliberate delay, loopholes and partiality in their investigation. Such experiences raises following question in our mind:
  • With this how can we expect justice to wild animals?
  • Does it mean laws made by human society, is only for their personal benefit and not for sake of justice to animals?
  • Delay is justice is similar to denial of justice to Jhurjhura tigress & animal lovers?
  • Can we expect impartial investigations by Forest Department?
  • By shifting tigers to zoos, can we expect to avoid any future man-animal conflict?
  • Why can't we do the same with accused of Jhurjhura tigress and they may also repeat the similar offence?
  • Can we expect a level of intelligence among wild animals in which they could distinguish boundaries laid by human beings, human society supremacy, laws laid by human society, laws for animal welfare, behavior expected from animals by human beings?
  • Why forest department adopts double standard in investigation when a tigress killed and when a human being killed?

July 8, 2011

Kanha National Park will receive 50 Black bucks

Environment ministry has allowed re-location of 50 black bucks from Narsinghgarh (80kms from Bhopal) forest to Kanha National Park. Re-location is likely to take place in winter season. In recent months, Environment ministry has allowed many wildlife animals relocation to other forest areas that matches to their requirement & favorable for adaptation.

Blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra) is a antelope species that can be seen in few wildlife sanctuaries of Madhya Pradesh like Satpura National Park, Nauradehi forest, Dheoni, Ratapani, Bori etc. But they are not available in Kanha, Pench & Bandhavgarh tiger reserves. Among male & female, male is more attractive than female in species of Black buck.

In recent time Forest department of Madhya Pradesh has successfully relocated tigers in Panna National Park. First phase of Gaur relocation to Bandhavgarh has already been completed and second phase in yet to be done. It is time for Barasingha to Satpura National Park & Black buck relocation to Kanha.

Earlier till 1990, Black bucks were seen in Kanha forest. As per local safari guides, last sighting was of 02 blackbucks in Kanha who later disappeared. Since then, no black bucks seen in Kanha. Recent move will help to rehabilitate them in Kanha and will add one more jewel in wildlife Kanha Tiger Reserve. Project is underway and we wish Forest Department, all the very best.

Bandhavgarh- Forest Guard Killed & Eaten up in Tiger Attack

Mirchahni Tigress & her cubs are under scanner.
On 07/July/2011, a forest guard was killed by tiger and body was found on 08/July/2011 in Bandhavgarh National Park. He was attacked by Mirchahani tigress or by her cubs close to Machkheta Village , which is about 2km from park boundary, close to Central Point area. He was contractual guard and known as Santosh Kumar Yadav of 30years age. He was appointed in Hardiha Camp of Bandhavgarh National Park Core area.

Guard was on leave and went to Machkheta village. In evening, he went in wild to arrange some wood. Unfortunately he moved close to tigress or her cubs and was attacked & killed by them. His body was dragged inside the park area by tiger. On next day, in search operation, his bones & some clothes were found which reveals that he was consumed by cubs in overnight time.

Our local representative says, it is close to the same area where 02 human beings were killed on May month by tigress attack. Since then forest department has allocated elephants on duty to see tigress with cubs do not go close to village. Forest department officials and even local villagers suspects that it could be done by cubs of Mirchahani Tigress as they are still learning how to hunt down their prey and how to adjust with human society. They are not aware of the fact that human beings are not their natural prey and could have committed the killing in ignorance. But it is a severe offense committed by them and their is more possibility of villagers retaliation. Mirchahani tigress and her cubs are in danger and under scanner now. Forest department has beefed-up monitoring in this region.

Forest officials & experts are scared if cubs could be turned into man-eaters. In case, they become or delcared man-eater then they will be captured and send to zoo for rest of the life. It is a kind of life imprisonment for them. If we look into past, in similar case, a leopard from Kanha National Park was captured and send to Van Vihar National Park (open zoo) in Bhopal city of Madhya Pradesh state, Central India. Their is another worst possibility in which they may be killed by villagers as such incidences happened many time in Bandhavgarh, in past.

July 3, 2011

31 More Bisons for Bandhavgarh National Park

In recent development, Central Government allowed translocation of 31 more Gaurs from Kanha National Park to Bandhavgarh. Wildlife experts from WII Dehradun have recommended 50 bisons for Bandhavgarh and government is acting on their advice. Earlier in 20/Jan/2011, 19 Gaurs were shifted from Kanha to Bandhavgarh. During this time 4 of them died and two new babies born. At present only 17 bison are roaming in Bandhavgarh Forest, mainly in Magdhi zone forest but as per local safari guides, their sighting is not easy, they are in stress and are still trying to get adapted to their new home.

With the introduction of new bisons, their population will increase which will release stress of new environment & area among existing bisons. Increase in population will definitely help them all to get adapted to their new home comfortably. Earlier when 19 bisons were re-located, they were put into an enclosure in Magadhi zone and later they were released to open forest. Among them 02 of them died due to disease, one was missing since long time (probability of being killed by tiger) and fourth one was killed by tigerss with cubs in Magadhi zone. 02 Experts of Wildlife Institute of India have been entitled to observe movement & behavior of gaurs. Adult gaurs have been radio-collared.

June 19, 2011

Jabalpur-Indore-Mumbai Flight Re-started

After long suspension, Kingfisher Airlines has resumed it flight service between Jabalpur & Mumbai. First flight is likely to take-off from Mumbai Airport(BOM) at 16:15hrs and will reach Jabalpur airport at 17:30hrs. This will be non-stop flight where as at 18:00hrs it will take-off to Indore Airport (IDR) and will reach Indore at 19:00hrs. After taking passengers from Indore it will take-off at 19:55hrs and will reach Mumbai Airport at 21:10hrs.

Although flight service is going to begin at a time when tourism season is near to close in wildlife-sector but still is a good sigh for Central India Tourism. So far tourists from Mumbai have to reach either Nagpur Airport or to come Jabalpur airport via Delhi. But now its a great relief to them. It will improve business prospects and tourism prospects in Jabalpur city due to connectivity from financial capital of India. In an all it is indeed a great news and we all welcome this initiative.

Sunil Kumar Dubey

June 15, 2011

Pench registers increase in wildlife population

As per the counting done by management of Pench National Park, results indicates increase in wildlife population in Pench forest. As if now, at park management is Seoni is ready with counting-data of Korai range. Data of other two ranges:Karmajhiri & Jhamtara is still awaited. Earlier published Tiger-counting data for Pench had already revealed the fact that tiger population in tiger reserve has been almost doubled. Current data of Korai range indicates almost 100% increase (in compare to year 2006 data) in population of wild dogs (Dholes), Blue Bull (Nilgai), Sambar, Spotted Deer. Data is collected from transit-lines spread on three ranges of park. It is estimated that about 746 transit lines will be observed to collect the counting-data.

It is a good indication of the park management as well as for wildlife lovers. In recent visit of our team, we talked to local naturalists and park management officials, they have also confirmed the above fact of increase in tiger population and other herbivores animals in park. Their is also increase in migration tendency among herbivores animals due to increase in tiger population. Their is possibility of migration towards Satpura National Park as its forest is almost linked with Pench forest.

May 23, 2011

Bandhavgarh Mirchahani Tigress killed 02 Human beings

Bandhavgarh tigress killed two human beings in Samna beat of forest. Victim were Budhiya Bai (Female:40years) & Sonesingh (Male: 45years). Incident took place near Tamarha Nala area where Budhiya Bai went to collect Tendu Leaves and tigress was resting with her two cubs in Nala. After hearing the scream of Budhiya Bai, nearby villagers gathered at the spot. About 25-30 villagers were present their. Despite of presence of human crowd, tigress again appeared from bushes and charged on Sone Singh and killed him on the spot.

After hearing the shocking news, forest officials reached the spot and pushed the tigress away from area. Villagers are in shocked and angered after the incident. Forest official keeping eye on region to avoid any unprecedented incident.

It seems tigress charged after judging the danger to her cubs because of the presence of human beings, so close to cubs. But from this incident in presence of tigers may be taken in wrong way by cubs. They may human being as their natural prey or enemy and result to some more attacks in future, by cubs.

May 14, 2011

States will do Tiger Counting Every Year

In recently concluded annual meeting attended by Field Directors of Tiger Reserves of India, under banner of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), decision was taken to do tiger counting in every year. So far, counting in done once in every four year due to which, change in population (positive or negative) reveals in after four year and also it poses delay in taking decision in time.

November 01 is decided as date to start tiger counting in all tiger reserves. Tiger population data in every year will help to know the changing status so that steps will be take more quickly according to changing situation.

Sunil & Akash

May 1, 2011

Tigers Increased in Kanha:- M.P. Forest Department

Recently when tigers census was released in which it was revealed that tiger population has been fallen in Madhya Pradesh forests. Karnataka is the deserving state to be called "Tiger State of India", Madhya Pradesh Forest Department challenged the report by initiating the process of re-counting the tiger population in state. In his recent outcome, Forest Department claims as Kanha Tigers population has been increased by 15 to 20 tigers. Report will be forwarded to Wildlife Institute of India (WII) for approval. During tiger counting, forest department has adopted the same technique & process as used by Wildlife Institute of India for tiger-counting.

April 4, 2011

Bandhavgarh Tigers on road

In months of March - April 2011, their are frequent incidents when Bandhavgarh tigers have been seen outside core zone area, in buffer zone, roads, close to resorts. On 03/April/2011, when our guests are going for jungle safari in Magadhi Zone, they have seen 01 male tiger crossing the road. Sighting lasts for 5-10 minutes as her moved from core zone to buffer zone. In another incidents, on 04/April/2011, when our office team going from Nature Heritage resort towards Ranchha village, in late evening, to visit another resort, they spotted a tiger close to Mahua Kothi resort. From resort officials, we learned that tiger was continuously present in that particular area as he has made a kill to 02 cattles & 01 Sambhar. On very next day, i.e, on 05/April/2011, elephants were called inside Mahua Kothi resort as that same tiger was seen inside resort campus and enjoying the luxury of one of the most luxurious resort of Bandhavgarh. It means, it is not safe to move on bare foot, lonely even close to village or resorts and remain careful & vigilant, always. It also means in Bandhavgarh, tiger sighting can be enjoyed even without spending money on safaris.

Sunil & Akash

March 6, 2011

Tigress Cannibalism in Bandhavgarh

Caracass of Chorbehra langadi (lame)tigress found in Bandhavgarh. She was popularly known as Laxmi. As per forest official, she was killed by Jhurjhura tigress called Kankati (ear-cut) in territorial fight. By observing the remains, it seems after killing, she was consumed by opponent tigress. It show cannibalism in tiger family. It is indeed a rare incidence. Killed tigress was about 06 years old and killer tigress was about 3year and few months. Killer tigress was the daughter of same tigress who was killed in May, 2010 by jeep-hit inside park and whose investigation report is yet to come and culprits are roaming freely.

Chorbehra tigress was not seem since long time which made park official to conduct a search operation in her territory. It seems she was killed in first week of February month. Many safari guides has confirmed the several rounds of conflict that took place between them.

March 2, 2011

National Park closure on Holi Festival Day (20/March/2011)

Forest Department has now declared full day holiday on Holi festival day. It means their will be no safari on 20/March/2011 for all the national park of Madhya Pradesh State like Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench, Satpura, Panna etc.

Only Evening safari remain closed from 01/April/2011

Only Evening safari remain closed from 01/April/2011
Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh State has revised their decision of closing National Park for full-day (Morning & Evening Safaris) from 01-April-2011. Now parks will remain close for half-day only which means, visitors can do Morning Safari only (No Evening Safari) in every Wednesday from 01-April-2011.

February 9, 2011

Tiger Show re-started in Tala Safari Zone Bandhavgarh

In latest development, Bandhavgarh National Park management has again allowed tiger-show in Tala safari zone. Earlier due to some reason, since parks has been opened (16/Oct/2010), Tiger-shows in Tala zone has been suspended for un-definite time. But now visitors can enjoy elephant ride in Tala Zone also.

Sunil & Akash

January 18, 2011

Vulture counting in Panna National Park

Vulture counting program is likely to begin in Panna National Park, from 21st Jan to 23rd Jan 2011. Counting will be done by wild lifers. Here park management has invited application for interested participants in this counting program. Last date for such application was 17/Jan/2011. It is a unique experience for participants in such counting program. About 06 rare species of vultures found in Panna National Park. Collected data will be used for analytical study purpose and to know the current situation of vulture population in this region.

Sunil Kumar Dubey

January 10, 2011

Jabalpur Tourism : Places To See

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