August 17, 2009

Giraffes were present in India

In the month of August, 2009, certain ancient caves were discovered in forested area of Madhya Pradesh, Central India. When an archeologist visited the site, he noticed some drawings in the wall of cave. On examining them minutely, it was found that these paintings are rock paintings of about 10000 BC, drawn by humans of that era. 

Site was situated in small village called Silapuri between Damoh and Chhatarpur cities of Madhya Pradesh, India. Caves were situated on the hilly location of forest area. On examining the rock paintings it was found that pictures are of wild boar, Giraffes, spotted deers, human beings attacking on their prey, swamp deer etc. As access to site is not so easy, due to which paintings are in good condition to watch & study. It shows that Giraffes were present in Central India forests in past. Similarly in rock paintings of Katni one can find pictures of Rhinoceros in nearby areas. We can conclude that animals like Giraffes, Rhinoceros, lions etc animals were present in Central India in past and in present can be seen in rock paintings of Cental India.

Similar kind of Rock Paintings were spread in many parts of Madhya Pradesh like in Pachmarhi, Bhembetka, Grahi area (close to Kanha National Park), Katni city, on river-side sites of Chambal river, in Raisen District close to Bhopal city etc. These rock paintings are price-less gift to our generation from our forefathers. 

If we study the history & geography of Central India, we will realize that Vindhyachal mountains and Satpura Ranges were very rich in fossils and marks of human origin. These mountain ranges were always been known for their wildlife existence and treasures of fossils.  Similarly Narmada river valley that originates from Satpura ranges is evident of many Dinosaurs fossils found since many years.

August 9, 2009

Tiger cubs born in Satpura National Park

We are glad to inform about light of hope is coming from Satpura National Park.
Satpura National Park becomes playground of newly born tiger babies. Since March, 2009 to May, 2009, about nine tiger cubs have been born in Satpura Naional Park. Forest Department have been taking special care & vigilance of Madai, Jeharghat & Kajri places inside the Satpura National Park.
Area where these cubs have been born was blocked for general tourists and elephant patrolling team has been deployed to keep eye on these newly born babies. Patrol team is also keeping eye on tigress and its hunting activites like capturing the prey because any repulsive action during hunting may pose danger to cubs. Similar incident happened recently when tigress caught bison calf which made bison herd to charge on tigress and cubs were in danger as bisons may kill them during such time. Assistan Field Director of Satpura National Park has also confirmed the news of tiger cubs in Tiger Reserve.

About Satpura National Park
Satpura or Satpuda National Park is established in 1981. It is spread over the 524 forested area Satpura hills. It lies in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh, India. Famous hill station of Central India called “Pachmarhi” is in forest of Satpura National Park. Major attractions of this park are: flying squirrel, leopard, tigers, bison (Indian Gaurs), mouse deer, black buck, wild dogs (dhole), spotted deers, porcupines, Indian joint squirrel, wild boar etc.
Tiger sighting in this national park is not as easy as in Bandhavgarh or Kanha National Parks but flying squirrel is special attraction of this park. Similarly park posses some unique quality medicinal plants which are very rare in nature.

How to reach: Bhopal (200km.) & Jabalpur (250km.) are the nearest airports from tiger reserve. Pipariya is the nearest railway station for Satpura Tiger Reserve & Pachmarhi. Their is direct train for Pipariya railway station from Delhi & Mumbai.

Since dis-appearence of tigers from Panna National Park, this news comes a relief to state government & animal lovers.

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