May 27, 2010

Why should I stop reporting?

Few days back, one of my friend called me and said "you people are small travel agents and reporting is not your job. Do travel related works only." As he is our respectable friend so we didn't argued with him. He was talking regarding tigress killing in Bandhavgarh Park. I still don't understand what is wrong in raising voice against injustice (Tigress killed in Bandhavgarh on 19/May/2010) done with innocent tigress and her orphan cubs. We are not against any person or organization but we are against the system due to which such unfortunate incidents had taken place and will take place in future also. Do we have any answer to the those eyes (cubs) who looks here & there with expectation of mother tigress, light of fake hope still present in their heart. Their is no answer to their eyes questioning, why they are suffering, what is their mistake. They were at their home peacefully, it is we human beings who went their and make their life hell.

When tigress translocated from Kanha & Bandhavgarh, all the local people associated with tourism which includes resort owners, local travel agents etc raised voice against such translocation and even go on protest. When one tigress killed brutally inside park and 3 cubs become orphan, why these resort owners, safari agents, so called conversationalists & travel agents who earned money-name-fame on the name of these tigers & wildlife tourism are quiet, acting like ignorant & keeping their eyes-ears closed. They should must come together and raise voice against this incidence to ensure fair investigation in interest of justice.


May 26, 2010

Culprits accusing Innocents in Bandhavgarh National Park

Under the storm of criticism by wildlife lovers & media, after the death of tigress by jeep hit inside Bandhavgarh National Park, Park management in has decided to reduce the maximum limit of safari jeeps allowed to do the safari at a single safari-time. Earlier, maximum number of safari jeeps allowed to do Tala Zone Safari was 45, but now it is reduced to 18 only. Tala safari zone (Gate No.1) is the most demanded safari zone among tourists due to high tiger's density & more probability to tiger sighting. Magdhi & Khitauli are other two zones of safari in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Due to number of water sources, natural caves and availability of natural prey in Tala zone forest area, it is considered the best forest area of Bandhavgarh National Park to see tigers, especially during summers. Reduction in limit of safari jeeps for Tala zone means visitors have to struggle more to do jungle safari in Tala zone of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Advance online booking is the only option to ensure Tala zone for Safari. It may encourage black-marketing and creating artificial scarcity of tickets for Tala zone safari. Somebody said, the decision was taken for sake of orphan cubs who are still present in the area and was a temporary decision. Once cubs will be transferred to enclosure in Magdhi zone, reduction in jeep limit will be withdrawn. But he didn't revealed the time-period. To some extent I am agree with my friend but this can be done by declaring that particular area as no-tourist zone and closing the road, more than 50% reduction in Safari Jeep suddenly will definitely create chaos. Those who have finalized their plan may face problem. At present, maximum number of tickets for Tala Zone is 18 for advance booking.


May 24, 2010

Saviour becomes killer

Outcome of investigation on Tigress death in Bandhavgarh has revealed some surprising facts. It was found that Tigress was hit by SDO Jeep. Our local sources says that tigress was first hit by departmental jeep. About 06 employees were now suspended. Earlier different stories were created and rumors were spread but fact has now come out. Those who were given responsibility of save wildlife in Bandhavgarh turned into killers. Their negligence has made 3 cubs orphan and untimely death of mother tigress. It is shocking and unfortunate incidence and spoil the image of Forest department.


May 22, 2010

Tigress Murdered by Jeep Hit in Bandhavgarh

As per the latest information of investigation going-on on tigress killing, she was knocked more than once by vehicle. She had multiple internal injuries which, as per veterinary surgeon, could not be possible by single hit. She was found died at 07:30hrs in Jhurjhura water source by the visitor tourists. Doctor says that she was knocked about 3-4 hrs before the actual time of death which means around 04:00AM which is not the safari time for visitors. For investigation purpose, many safari jeeps who were allotted that route on that unfortunate day were detained by forest department to do forensic examination and also their drive & safari guides were questioned. Outcome of such detention was that they were given clean-chit. It is hard to believe that forest department don't know the vehicle or culprit till now as circumstances indicates the involvement of some internal (department's) person in the incident.

Night Safari is not allowed in Bandhavgarh or Kanha but I have seen that such safaris are still offered to high-profile or influential visitors so as to make them feel special and to impress them. In year 2008, I have seen how a minister's son with his friends in Kanha National Park, celebrated birthday of his child with crackers (usage banned in Kanha) and enjoyed night safaris on regular basis as he was having links with forest rangers. Here law breaking is treated as sign of power and influence and generates a feeling of being special and abnormal personality. Those who support & cooperate them expect that such acts will distinguish them from usual services and VIP guest will be impressed what usually happens also. Breaking rules/law is considered as VIP Treatment.

Sunil Kumar Dubey
Indus Excursion

May 9, 2010

Tiger Cubs born in Panna National Park

Few days back I got the news that Tiger cubs born in Panna National Park. News was good but no forest official was ready to say something on authenticity of news so I decided to remain quite and adopt the wait & watch policy. But now with the confirmed sighting of Three tiger-cubs in Hinouta range, close to Ghughua Fall, by Field Director of Panna National Park has now put confirmation seal on the news. It is really a great news as this the new generation of Tigers in Panna National Park. Now we can say they are the original tigers of Panna National Park.
On Friday, 07th May, 2010, with the sighting of 3-cubs, came out first time from the their cave, Field Director has confirmed the news. Forest Department is now taking special care of the area. Sighting took place outside a cave located in Hinouta Range, close to Ghughua Fall.
Earlier one female from Bandhavgarh & Kanha each and one male from Pench National Park was translocated after the success of tiger re-introduction program in Sariska National Park, Rajasthan.

We all wish them GOOD LUCK!

From: Sunil Kumar Dubey