November 16, 2010

Bandhavgarh Tiger B2 in his last days

After Sita & Charger, B2 is the tiger that represented tigers of Bandhavgarh. He ruled the Tala zone of Bandhavgarh and remain dominant male of park. Bandhavgarh Tiger B2 is remain in news for its cattle killing act. Now he is 14 years old. This age is considered as last days of a tiger. Now B2 is struggling hard to retain its territory but age factor comes in his way. New young tigers are encroaching its territory like Kallu, New Male, Bokha. In few days back he suffered many wounds on his neck in such territorial fight and was treated by forest officials. As nobody could defeat the old-age, we can say B2 is in his last days. It is time to visit the park and capture our beloved B2, may that will be our last sighting of tiger B2 in Bandhavgarh.

Tiger lives a typical life in which its last days are very painful. He may have to died of starving in a forest which was ruled by him. In last days, tiger loses its territory to young males, he was pushed out of his own territory. In such times, he was bound to arrange food through cattle killing in which he may be poisoned by villagers. He may get injured or even died in territorial fight. He may died due to starvation as due to old age he may not be able to kill its natural prey.

04 Poachers caught in West Bengal

In an undercover operation led by Asst. Field Director of Sunderban Tiger Reserve, 04 poachers were arrested with tiger skin and deer skin. They were trying to sell the tiger skin. Poachers were arrested from Bauripur in 24-paragana district at south of West Bengal state. Sources says the among 04 poachers, one member is a Government employee (from Railway Police). This gang was operating in Sunderban since many years and had deceived task force many time earlier. This time, in a week long operation, they were caught red-handed.

These recent arrests has revealed the fact that poachers are still active in Sunderban Tiger Reserve. So here, park management need to be more conscious to curb this problem.

Sunil Kumar Dubey

First relocated Tiger found dead in Sariska Tiger Reserve

A male tiger of 06 years of age, airlifted from Ranthambore National Park to Sariska found dead in Kankwadi area of Sariska Tiger Reserve. Decomposed body was discovered on 14/Nov/2010. He was in Sariska since last 30months. It seems tiger ST-1 (Sariska Tiger-1) had territorial conflict with other tiger ST-4 (relocated from Ranthambore) and was badly injured during the fight. Tiger ST-4 is also going missing since last 15-days. Both the tigers were radio-collared and forest official had received signals from ST-1 but still they didn't reach the tiger in time. Caracas investigation revealed that ST-1 had received some deep wounds under his left ear. Park officials were not getting any signal from ST-4, since last 15 days and are still unable to locate him since last 15-days. It seem, to some extent park officials are also responsible to the death as they didn't sensed the problem in time.

Earlier in June-2008, 05 tigers and 03 tigresses were shifted from Ranthambore to revive tiger population in Sariska Tiger Reserve. Investigation is going on to find the cause and fix the responsibility for negligence on duty by park official. Known Wildlife specialists and experts are now gathering in Sariska to discover the reasons and measures to avoid such unfortunate incidence in future.

Sunil & Akash

November 9, 2010

Five tiger cubs born in Pench National Park.

After untimely demise of tigress in Pench tiger reserve, we have some good news to share with you all. 05 Tiger cubs born in Alicutta range of Pench park. It seems cubs are born somewhere next to Diwali festival day. Cubs were first sighted by elephant mahout during routine tiger tracking duty. Mother tigress is about 06 years old and has produced litters, second time. Earlier she has successfully grown up 04 cubs in her first delivery. In order to let the cubs grow away from human presence and tourism activity, park management likely to close the Alicutta range for 12 months. In yet another development, one male elephant was born in elephant camp in Pench National Park.

Sunil & Akash