December 27, 2010

Tigress killed human being close to Resort in Bandhavgarh

On 26/Dec/2010, Langadi Tigress of Bandhavgarh killed a human being close to Maharaja Royal Retreat Resort in Tala Village, Bandhavgarh. Till 27/Dec/2010 evening, tigress with her cubs remain inside resort boundary. Resort is a heritage resort on main Tala-Umaria road. All safari jeeps pass through that resort to reach Tala park entrance gate.Forest department was trying to push them away from site, using elephants. As it is a peak tourism season in Bandhavgarh, tourists and villagers gathering at the spot to enjoy tiger sighting. Their are many incidents occurred in Tala Village of killing cattle while they are inside village houses but it is a rare incident in which tigress killed a human close to any resort or human presence. Earlier tigress killed a cattle to provide food to her cubs but forest department removed the dead cattle from sight which made her furious and accidentally one villager came into her way and get killed. Forest Department immediately rushed to the spot and controlled the situation.

Sunil & Akash

December 26, 2010

Fight with Fog

Fog in North India started showing its adverse effect on transfers. Flight & trains delay & cancellation are now on notice boards. It is not the first time that we have to face problems due to blanket of dense fog in North India. Tourists often face challenge in taking their connecting or returning flights due to unspecified long delays in trains & flights.

Direct flight between Mumbai & Jabalpur is a great relief for tourists in winters. Unlike North India, Western part of India, in which Mumbai Airport lies, remain unaffected from fog. As Mumbai is also an International Airport, tourists may opt Mumbai as their arrival & departure point to avoid fog-problem. So we can say, instead of Delhi, Mumbai is better option in winters. With direct flight connectivity from Mumbai, now tourists, visiting Central India Wildlife sector, can continue their journey with any fear of delays due to fog.

Sunil Kumar Dubey

December 25, 2010

Jabalpur Mumbai Direct Flight

Good news had came from aviation ministry. Long awaited flight connectivity between Jabalpur and Mumbai will start from 24/Jan/2011. It was highly awaited demand of peoples of Jabalpur to get connected with Mumbai through flight. Kingfisher airlines is going to start this service.

Ticket Booking for Kingfisher Flight (IT-3133) has already been started from Christmas Day i.e. 25/Dec/2010. Flight tickets will range between INR.4000/- to 10000/-.

Flight will come directly from Mumbai where as on returning back to Mumbai flight will stop in Indore Airport.

Jabalpur Mumbai Flight timings:
Depart from Mumbai Airport: 12:10hrs
Reach Jabalpur Airport: 13:40hrs
Depart from Jabalpur: 14:10hrs
Reach Indore Airport: 15:30hrs.
Reach Mumbai Airport: 14:50hrs

Flight connectivity will have great impact on growing tourism activities in Central India. Earlier tourists have to reach Nagpur/Bhopal/Raipur airports to visit tourist destinations like Kanha & Bandhavgarh National Parks. It was as great problem for those who intend to visit Bandhavgarh and wish to travel through flight. Nagpur/Raipur/Bhopal airport are atleast 500kms from Bandhavgarh but now with arrival in Jabalpur Airport, they have to travel only 190kms for Bandhavgarh. Similarly tour itineraries beginning from Mumbai can cover Kanha & Bandhavgarh National Parks.

December 13, 2010

Tiger cubs born in Panna National Park

It is second time, Panna National Park is jubilating with joy due to presence of 02 tiger cubs in forest. T2 Tigress, shifted from Kanha Tiger Reserve, has given birth to 02 tiger cubs. Recently she has been seen by forest officials with 02 cubs. Cubs seem to be about 2-3 months old and are now seen in open. Forest official are now more vigilant has increase the patrolling duty in the region. It is indeed a good news for forest department and the team who has initiated the step to trans-locate tigers from nearby national parks.

In another move, two more orphan tigress are likely to be shifted to Panna forest in near future. Both the sibling tigresses are orphan and were grown up in an enclosure under supervision of Kanha National Park management. Trans-location is likely to be held very soon and will be shifted by road. In the mean time, forest officials are making them habitual to smells that they will find in Panna forest, when they will reach the forest. They are spreading the urine of Panna tigers in the Kanha park enclosure to familiarize the tigresses with the Panna forest atmosphere. It will help them to adjust and adopt Panna forest conditions easily after shift.

December 7, 2010

Bandhavgarh Tala gate watchdog

Hundreds of tourists visits Bandhavgarh National Park in search of wildlife and pass through Tala entrance gate. Many of them may have noticed this dog close to entrance gate. She is a blind dog that lives at Tala entrance gate of Bandhavgarh National Park. We have noticed this dog first in 5 years back and every year whenever we got the chance to visit Bandhavgarh, we go to see her. She is blind but still successfully manage to travel towards the source of sound.

Next time whenever you go to Bandhavgarh, notify this dog as important watchdog at Tala Entrance Gate. When first time I was informed that she is blind, it was very painful to see a helpless life deprive of vision, overcoming the obstacles of life. In Tala zone you may or may not see tiger by you must see this dog. Forest department employee also take care of her and often show their concern towards her health and sitting place.

November 16, 2010

Bandhavgarh Tiger B2 in his last days

After Sita & Charger, B2 is the tiger that represented tigers of Bandhavgarh. He ruled the Tala zone of Bandhavgarh and remain dominant male of park. Bandhavgarh Tiger B2 is remain in news for its cattle killing act. Now he is 14 years old. This age is considered as last days of a tiger. Now B2 is struggling hard to retain its territory but age factor comes in his way. New young tigers are encroaching its territory like Kallu, New Male, Bokha. In few days back he suffered many wounds on his neck in such territorial fight and was treated by forest officials. As nobody could defeat the old-age, we can say B2 is in his last days. It is time to visit the park and capture our beloved B2, may that will be our last sighting of tiger B2 in Bandhavgarh.

Tiger lives a typical life in which its last days are very painful. He may have to died of starving in a forest which was ruled by him. In last days, tiger loses its territory to young males, he was pushed out of his own territory. In such times, he was bound to arrange food through cattle killing in which he may be poisoned by villagers. He may get injured or even died in territorial fight. He may died due to starvation as due to old age he may not be able to kill its natural prey.

04 Poachers caught in West Bengal

In an undercover operation led by Asst. Field Director of Sunderban Tiger Reserve, 04 poachers were arrested with tiger skin and deer skin. They were trying to sell the tiger skin. Poachers were arrested from Bauripur in 24-paragana district at south of West Bengal state. Sources says the among 04 poachers, one member is a Government employee (from Railway Police). This gang was operating in Sunderban since many years and had deceived task force many time earlier. This time, in a week long operation, they were caught red-handed.

These recent arrests has revealed the fact that poachers are still active in Sunderban Tiger Reserve. So here, park management need to be more conscious to curb this problem.

Sunil Kumar Dubey

First relocated Tiger found dead in Sariska Tiger Reserve

A male tiger of 06 years of age, airlifted from Ranthambore National Park to Sariska found dead in Kankwadi area of Sariska Tiger Reserve. Decomposed body was discovered on 14/Nov/2010. He was in Sariska since last 30months. It seems tiger ST-1 (Sariska Tiger-1) had territorial conflict with other tiger ST-4 (relocated from Ranthambore) and was badly injured during the fight. Tiger ST-4 is also going missing since last 15-days. Both the tigers were radio-collared and forest official had received signals from ST-1 but still they didn't reach the tiger in time. Caracas investigation revealed that ST-1 had received some deep wounds under his left ear. Park officials were not getting any signal from ST-4, since last 15 days and are still unable to locate him since last 15-days. It seem, to some extent park officials are also responsible to the death as they didn't sensed the problem in time.

Earlier in June-2008, 05 tigers and 03 tigresses were shifted from Ranthambore to revive tiger population in Sariska Tiger Reserve. Investigation is going on to find the cause and fix the responsibility for negligence on duty by park official. Known Wildlife specialists and experts are now gathering in Sariska to discover the reasons and measures to avoid such unfortunate incidence in future.

Sunil & Akash

November 9, 2010

Five tiger cubs born in Pench National Park.

After untimely demise of tigress in Pench tiger reserve, we have some good news to share with you all. 05 Tiger cubs born in Alicutta range of Pench park. It seems cubs are born somewhere next to Diwali festival day. Cubs were first sighted by elephant mahout during routine tiger tracking duty. Mother tigress is about 06 years old and has produced litters, second time. Earlier she has successfully grown up 04 cubs in her first delivery. In order to let the cubs grow away from human presence and tourism activity, park management likely to close the Alicutta range for 12 months. In yet another development, one male elephant was born in elephant camp in Pench National Park.

Sunil & Akash

October 25, 2010

Tala Zone: NO Premium Safari Zone

Bandhavgarh Park Management has decided to withdraw the proposal of declaring Tala Zone as Premium Safari Zone under which they have planned to just double the entrance charges for doing Jungle Safari in this zone. Decision was taken yet we have to wait for formal order from Forest Department. This decision was taken after considering the request of local resort owners and travel agents in a meeting. It means Tala Zone is treated similar to any other safari zone of Bandhavgarh. It is indeed a good news for visitors. But decision of closing park on every Wednesday from 01/April/2011 with remain as it is.

Implementation and subsequent withdrawal of decision indicates that decision was taken in a haphazard way without analyzing the result. It seems timing of decision was incorrect. Taking decisions in this way creates confusion among travel agents, visitors and resort owners especially in case when they have booked the tour in advance and their is no scope to revise the quotation. It will be far better if such decisions should be taken in much advance so that travel agents and other parties should remain mentally prepared and adjust their moves accordingly.

Sunil Kumar Dubey

October 21, 2010

Delhi-Jabalpur-Delhi Flights timing will change

Delhi-Jabalpur Flights timing change
From 01/Nov/2010, Kingfisher Airlines flight, traveling from Delhi - Jabalpur - Delhi, timing will change. From this date, flight will take-off from Delhi at 06:10AM and likely to reach Jabalpur Airport at 08:25AM and will again take-off from Jabalpur at 09:00 AM for Delhi. Similarly winter time schedule for Indian Flights will be announced very soon.

This is not the first time when flight timing is changed but it happens every year. Flight timing is decided by airlines authority on the basis of season, visitor load and other reasons. As if now National Parks are open for visitors so traveler's load has definitely been increased and at the same time we heading for winter season. Morning timing seems good for wildlife visitors of Kanha, Bandhavgarh & Pench as they may reach their park/resort in time to enjoy evening park safaris and matching to resort's check-in timing.

I hope the above information will be helpful to you all.

Thanks & regards
Sunil Kumar Dubey

Tigress found dead in Pench

Tigress found dead in Pench Tiger Reserve
One Tigress found dead in Murer Beat (Point No. 391) of Sub-Range Kurai in Pench Tiger Reserve. Body was laying in large grassland area and was first noticed by Monsoon Patrol Party. On 21/10/2010, postmortem was done. Postmortem done by Veterinary Doctor Akhilesh Mishra in presence of Range Officer, appointed representative of National Tiger Conservation Authority & other forest officials. Forensic data was sent to Sagar Laboratory for further investigation. In primary investigation, death cause seems to be tigers territorial conflict. After investigation, body was cremated. It is indeed a sad news but nature takes its own way.

Thanks & regards
Sunil Kumar Dubey

October 11, 2010

Anti-tourism policies for Kanha & Bandhavgarh

Their are number of declarations made by Madhya Pradesh Forest Department in which tourism in Bandhavgarh & Kanha National Parks has been specially targeted. Important declarations are as follows:

1: All National Parks of Madhya Pradesh will remain closed on Every WEDNESDAY of a week. This will be applicable from 01/April/2011.

2: Bandhavgarh: Most visited Tala Safari Zone of Bandhavgarh will come under Special Safari Zone from 16/Dec/2010. Special Safari Zone means visitors have to pay 200% (just double) entrance charge for jungle safari.

3: From 16/Dec/2010 to 05/Jan/2011: Park entrance fee will be charged in double at Kanha National Park (in Kanha & Mukki Zone) as this interval is considered as peak season.

4: From 01/May/2011 to 25/May/2011: Park entrance fee will be charged in double at Kanha Safari Zone of Kanha National Park (not in Mukki Zone) as this interval is considered as peak season for Kanha zone.

October 7, 2010

Tiger Translocations for Panna National Park

Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh is heading for more tiger translocations for Panna National Park. Tigers are likely to be arranged from Kanha & Bandhavgarh National Parks. As in recent days, it was noticed that only male tiger of Panna has shown unusually aggressive behavior towards his own cubs. Wildlife experts feels as his desire for mating partner is not fulfilled so he is charging on other two mother tigresses and their cubs. Tiger shifting to Panna will take place in coming one or two months. Sources says about 06 tigers will be shifted to Panna forest in which 02 Males & 04 Females will be shifted.

Few days back, in Kanha National Park a male tiger of approx. 10 years of age, found dead in Khapa range. On examining his body, it was revealed that he has multiple skull injuries due to tigers conflict for territory. In every years, many tigers dies in such conflicts. Such translocation may be one of the small temporary step to avoid scope of such conflicts. It is also a chance to introduce those tigers or tigresses who have lost their mothers in their early age and are grown up under supervision in man-made enclosures. Presence of few tigers in vast area of Panna National Park may offer chance for them to adapt in wilderness, smoothly and need not to struggle too hard for survival as in crowded forests.

Thank you for sparing your precious time in reading this article.

Sunil Kumar Dubey

September 24, 2010

Safari Booking Open for Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench & Panna National Parks

Online booking of Jungle Safari tickets is now open for public. Tickets are offers for Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench & Panna National Parks. This time visitors are also required to provide vehicle details also to be used for park safari. With this maximum vehicles permitted for each zone in each national park is also cleared. Vehicle limit for safari in each national park for season from 16/Oct.2010 to 30/June/2011 is as follows:
Kanha Zone = 63 vehicles
Mukki Zone = 45 vehicles
Sarhi Zone = 27 vehicles

Tala Zone = 32 vehicles
Magadhi Zone = 66 vehicles
Khitauli Zone = 35 vehicles
Panpatha Zone = 45 vehicles

Turia Zone = 45 vehicles
Karmajhiri Zone = 09 vehicles
Jhamtara Zone = 05 vehicles

Panna Zone = 63 vehicles

Visitors now can do online booking of safari tickets. It seems their will be no change in safari charges for Foreign nationals but Indian tourists may have to pay more for jungle safari.

Thanks for dedicating your precious time on this information.

Sunil Kumar Dubey

September 15, 2010

Problem & Solution for Panna Tiger Cubs

Since last 05 days, Panna Tiger Cubs are in news. First report came that 03 male cubs of Bandhavgarh tigress are missing. Mother tigress was seen with only female tigress cub. Search operations was launched by park authorities. Later 01 out of 03 missing cubs was located but 02 are still missing. When mother tigress was examined carefully, it was noticed that she had wound marks on her face which is clear indication that she has conflict with the only male tiger of Panna (shifted from Pench Park).

Location of male adult tiger was also close to tigress territory which confirms the chances of mother tigress conflict with adult tiger to protect her cubs. It is a unusual behavior shown male tiger as usually father do not attacks on his cubs. Wildlife experts are watching the situation carefully in Panna forest.

Panna's male tiger is posing danger to other two mother tigress cubs. Field Director of Panna Mr. R. Sriniwas Murthy says that "Tigers are known to exhibit such behavior when they have an urge to mate". Male Tiger's behavior is aggressive and has attacked cubs several times in last one month time. As both the available tigress are with cubs so they are not responding to it s sexual overtures. So possible solution to the problem is to introduce more tigress to Panna forest from nearby Tiger Reserves possible from Kanha & Bandhavgarh to avail more options to male tiger and so that mother tigress could feel safe in the park.

In near future, their is possibility of more tiger translocations possibly from Kanha National Park & Bandhavgarh National Park. Madhya Pradesh government has secured translocation permission of about 06 tigers (including 02 males & 04 females) in step-wise fashion. It is a part of tiger reintroduction programme.

Possible tiger translocation could take place next one to two months. Here is the opportunity for forest department to introduce such tigers & tigress who are grown up in semi-wild conditions due to mother loss in their early days.

Sunil Kumar Dubey

September 14, 2010

Re-wilding Cheetahs in Madhya Pradesh, Central India

Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh State in India has given permission to re-introduce African Cheetah in Central India. Areas selected for the project are: Kuno Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary & Noradehi Wildlife Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh State.

Kuno Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary is located in North Madhya Pradesh in Sheopur District which is close to Shivpuri National Park and Gwalior city. While coming from Ranthambhor National Park towards Orchha/Khajuraho/Gwalior/Shivpuri it falls on the way. Kuno Palpur forest is in news since last 10years as it was declared most suitable for Project to re-introduce Asiatic Lion in Central India.

Noradehi Wildlife Sanctuary lies in Sagar District at Central Madhya Pradesh about 70kms North-West to Jabalpur city. On the basis of results from Kuno Palpur Sanctuary, Cheetah will be replenish in Noradehi forest area.

As per State Environment Minister, we can expect first installment of 08 Cheetah (02 Male & 06 Females) in winters of Year 2011 transferred through ship by way of sea. They were first introduced to Kuno Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary with an area of 300sq. km. Here many villages have been rehabilitated to other places to avoid any conflicting situation. As per wildlife experts at least 20 Cheetah can be accommodated in this wildlife sanctuary in present situation. Their is also plan to fence the park area to avoid cheetah's to move out of park area. In second phase, lions will be trans-located from Gir National Park to Kuno Palpur Sanctuary.

Cheetahs were known to exist in India, long time back but are now extinct. Out Environment Minister said that "Cheetah is the only animal that has been described extinct in last 100 years. It is said that last 03 Asiatic Cheetahs of India was shot by Maharaja of Sarguja in Sarguja District of Chattisgarh State in the year 1947, where as last lion of Central India was shot in around 1853. At present Asiatic Cheetahs in Asia are present in Iran and are close to extinct.

Although announcements have been made by ministers, but it will be interesting to see how implementation work will be done in laid time-frame as delay due to malfunctioning of government machinery is closely associated with such projects. Still it is a welcome move by Environment Ministry of India & State Government.

Lets hope things will go as per declarations. All the very best!

Sunil Kumar Dubey

August 14, 2010

Another human negligence & another tiger loss

After killing of Jhurjhura Tigress, and subsequent mystery over the driver of culprit vehicle it was expected from Bandhavgarh National Park authority to act more cautiously and responsibly in future. Current incident has revealed the fact that we have not learned any lesson from our past mistakes. When declared protected area was not fenced then what else can be expected? For how long luck will favor the cubs? Cubs were left carelessly to become victim of other wild animals. It is said that forest department allotted the task of fencing the area to a firm and the fencing work was delayed. It is a human error that can be called directly or indirectly responsible for killing of cub. We have left room for such unfortunate incidences. Here question also arises that why forest department didn't act timely on such delay in fencing work as they have will be blamed & held responsible in any such case.

After the death of Jhurjhura tigress, it is expected from park authority to act more cautiously and responsibly. Park authority has been facing severe criticism on the way tigress killing was handled. Till now no one was declared as actual culprit despite of the fact that accident occurred inside park core-area, vehicle identification has been established but driver & co-passengers are still unidentified. It shows how high profile persons are shielded in our system against clutches of law. It also gives inspiration & provocation to others to do unlawful activities.

One more unusual behavior often shown by park authorities is to blame tourists for poor management of park. After killing of tigress, first officials try to blame tourist vehicle for incident. Officials put conditions on normal safari, cordoned of the area in the name of cubs protection, reduced the maximum limit of safari vehicles entry. But this time they have no reason to blame tourists. Tourists never visit park with an intention to hurt any animal. On the contrary to this, tourism act as watch-dog for wildlife. It is the tourist vehicle during routine safari that has first sighted injured jhurjhura tigress first and reported the matter to officials. This time park was closed, nobody was aware of cub's death till many days and remaining cubs are also missing. We should not blame tourism as hurdle in wildlife conservation but a helping hand that has raised awareness in public to promote wildlife conservation and get them close to nature.

Jhurjhura Tigress cub found dead in Bandhavgarh

One of the Jhurjhura Tigress cub found dead in Bandhavgarh National Park. Its age was about 8 months. Remaining two cubs are still missing. First hand information says that cub was killed by some neighboring tiger. As per park authorities, cubs were kept in a protected area of about 42 hectares of forest area.

It is hard to believe that how a 8 months old cubs were left so irresponsibly in forest full of mature tigers despite of knowing the seriousness of matter. Area was declared as "Protected Area" and given incident revealed the fact "how much protected was the area, in reality".

August 6, 2010

New Properties in Bandhavgarh

In coming safari season of Bandhavgarh National Park we will find some new luxury properties.

1. Monsoon Forest Tented Camps Bandhavgarh : It comprises 06 luxury tents and is spread over a large area of 10 Acres of re-forestation land. It is the same management who had Anant Van Resort in Bandhavgarh earlier. It is about 2.5kms from Tala entrance gate.

2. Samode Safari Lodge: Samode resort is developed on the site of unique Anant Van Resort. It is a collection of 12 stylish suited reflecting the touch of local housing style, art & culture of local community with modern comfort. Samode Resort are spread over 21 Acres of land and lies near the rarely-used Gohri Gate of the park, least used by safari vehicles. It is close to Magdhi & Khitauli entrance gates but distant from Tala entrance gate.

June 5, 2010

Second Tigress of Panna National Park have delivered cubs

Panna National Park is now booming with tiger cubs. Earlier on 09/May/2010, cubs news came from Panna Park and similar kind of news is coming again from park. Their are signs that tigress trans-located from Kanha National Park has delivered baby cubs. Her territory is under Bador Beat of Panna Tiger Reserve and since last 7 days she remains inside a cave and not seen roaming in her area. As per forest officials, signs are very positive that tigress is with her cubs and within next few days, she may be seen out with cubs. It is welcome news for all the wildlife lovers and conservationists. I hope Panna National Park with regain its lost popularity and be visited by tourists from all over the world.

As Panna National Park is close (45kms/01:00hrs) to Khajuraho Temples so it is a good combination of Historical Temples with wildlife including water-falls and Gharial reserve. I hope such good news will promote tourism in this region as Tourism is main source of livelihood for local peoples.

Sunil Kumar Dubey
Indus Excursion

June 2, 2010

Value of National Animal in India

Tiger is a National Animal of India. It is a important figure in Wildlife Tourism of India. It is shameful to learn that in Bandhavgarh, postmortem of deceased tigress was done in open using axe. If we can't even provide basic facilities to our National Animal then we have no right to call him a National Animal. We earn millions of money in the name of Wildlife Tourism and not even willing to provide postmortem room and proper medical equipments to doctor/s doing postmortem then we have no right to pose a s people in favor of wildlife conservation. We don't provide the justice tigress when she was alive and even after her death we did the insult of her body.

Do we deserve to call ourselves human by doing inhuman act?

May 27, 2010

Why should I stop reporting?

Few days back, one of my friend called me and said "you people are small travel agents and reporting is not your job. Do travel related works only." As he is our respectable friend so we didn't argued with him. He was talking regarding tigress killing in Bandhavgarh Park. I still don't understand what is wrong in raising voice against injustice (Tigress killed in Bandhavgarh on 19/May/2010) done with innocent tigress and her orphan cubs. We are not against any person or organization but we are against the system due to which such unfortunate incidents had taken place and will take place in future also. Do we have any answer to the those eyes (cubs) who looks here & there with expectation of mother tigress, light of fake hope still present in their heart. Their is no answer to their eyes questioning, why they are suffering, what is their mistake. They were at their home peacefully, it is we human beings who went their and make their life hell.

When tigress translocated from Kanha & Bandhavgarh, all the local people associated with tourism which includes resort owners, local travel agents etc raised voice against such translocation and even go on protest. When one tigress killed brutally inside park and 3 cubs become orphan, why these resort owners, safari agents, so called conversationalists & travel agents who earned money-name-fame on the name of these tigers & wildlife tourism are quiet, acting like ignorant & keeping their eyes-ears closed. They should must come together and raise voice against this incidence to ensure fair investigation in interest of justice.


May 26, 2010

Culprits accusing Innocents in Bandhavgarh National Park

Under the storm of criticism by wildlife lovers & media, after the death of tigress by jeep hit inside Bandhavgarh National Park, Park management in has decided to reduce the maximum limit of safari jeeps allowed to do the safari at a single safari-time. Earlier, maximum number of safari jeeps allowed to do Tala Zone Safari was 45, but now it is reduced to 18 only. Tala safari zone (Gate No.1) is the most demanded safari zone among tourists due to high tiger's density & more probability to tiger sighting. Magdhi & Khitauli are other two zones of safari in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Due to number of water sources, natural caves and availability of natural prey in Tala zone forest area, it is considered the best forest area of Bandhavgarh National Park to see tigers, especially during summers. Reduction in limit of safari jeeps for Tala zone means visitors have to struggle more to do jungle safari in Tala zone of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Advance online booking is the only option to ensure Tala zone for Safari. It may encourage black-marketing and creating artificial scarcity of tickets for Tala zone safari. Somebody said, the decision was taken for sake of orphan cubs who are still present in the area and was a temporary decision. Once cubs will be transferred to enclosure in Magdhi zone, reduction in jeep limit will be withdrawn. But he didn't revealed the time-period. To some extent I am agree with my friend but this can be done by declaring that particular area as no-tourist zone and closing the road, more than 50% reduction in Safari Jeep suddenly will definitely create chaos. Those who have finalized their plan may face problem. At present, maximum number of tickets for Tala Zone is 18 for advance booking.


May 24, 2010

Saviour becomes killer

Outcome of investigation on Tigress death in Bandhavgarh has revealed some surprising facts. It was found that Tigress was hit by SDO Jeep. Our local sources says that tigress was first hit by departmental jeep. About 06 employees were now suspended. Earlier different stories were created and rumors were spread but fact has now come out. Those who were given responsibility of save wildlife in Bandhavgarh turned into killers. Their negligence has made 3 cubs orphan and untimely death of mother tigress. It is shocking and unfortunate incidence and spoil the image of Forest department.


May 22, 2010

Tigress Murdered by Jeep Hit in Bandhavgarh

As per the latest information of investigation going-on on tigress killing, she was knocked more than once by vehicle. She had multiple internal injuries which, as per veterinary surgeon, could not be possible by single hit. She was found died at 07:30hrs in Jhurjhura water source by the visitor tourists. Doctor says that she was knocked about 3-4 hrs before the actual time of death which means around 04:00AM which is not the safari time for visitors. For investigation purpose, many safari jeeps who were allotted that route on that unfortunate day were detained by forest department to do forensic examination and also their drive & safari guides were questioned. Outcome of such detention was that they were given clean-chit. It is hard to believe that forest department don't know the vehicle or culprit till now as circumstances indicates the involvement of some internal (department's) person in the incident.

Night Safari is not allowed in Bandhavgarh or Kanha but I have seen that such safaris are still offered to high-profile or influential visitors so as to make them feel special and to impress them. In year 2008, I have seen how a minister's son with his friends in Kanha National Park, celebrated birthday of his child with crackers (usage banned in Kanha) and enjoyed night safaris on regular basis as he was having links with forest rangers. Here law breaking is treated as sign of power and influence and generates a feeling of being special and abnormal personality. Those who support & cooperate them expect that such acts will distinguish them from usual services and VIP guest will be impressed what usually happens also. Breaking rules/law is considered as VIP Treatment.

Sunil Kumar Dubey
Indus Excursion

May 9, 2010

Tiger Cubs born in Panna National Park

Few days back I got the news that Tiger cubs born in Panna National Park. News was good but no forest official was ready to say something on authenticity of news so I decided to remain quite and adopt the wait & watch policy. But now with the confirmed sighting of Three tiger-cubs in Hinouta range, close to Ghughua Fall, by Field Director of Panna National Park has now put confirmation seal on the news. It is really a great news as this the new generation of Tigers in Panna National Park. Now we can say they are the original tigers of Panna National Park.
On Friday, 07th May, 2010, with the sighting of 3-cubs, came out first time from the their cave, Field Director has confirmed the news. Forest Department is now taking special care of the area. Sighting took place outside a cave located in Hinouta Range, close to Ghughua Fall.
Earlier one female from Bandhavgarh & Kanha each and one male from Pench National Park was translocated after the success of tiger re-introduction program in Sariska National Park, Rajasthan.

We all wish them GOOD LUCK!

From: Sunil Kumar Dubey

April 10, 2010

Tiger's New Generation in Indian Tiger Reserves

New generation of Tigers were registering their presence in Tiger Reserves of India. About 117 Tiger Cubs born in 9 Tiger Reserves of India since beginning of year 2009. Among them 34 cubs are from Kanha & Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserves of Central India. Kanha Tiger Reserves has registered highest number of cubs i.e., 22 in last 15 months. Tiger Reserves under this category are as follows:
Kanha = 22
Bandhavgarh = 12
Pench = 10
Ranthambore = 10
Tadoba = 13
Dhudhwa = 16
Nagarhole = 10
Bandipore = 12
Nagarjuna-sagar = 12

It has been observed that tourist arrival in the months of March & April, 2010 has been increased and easy tiger sighting has also been registered during park safari. Due to presence of tiger cubs, chances of tiger sighting of various age groups are bright in these days. Morning from 6:30 to 8:30 most of the tiger sightings has been registered, similarly in Evening from 17:00hrs to 18:15hrs most of the tiger sightings has been registered recently in Kanha & Bandhavgarh National Parks.

Thank you,
Sunil Kumar Dubey

April 1, 2010

Human Society Vs Cat Family

On 28/March/2010, a leopard fell in trap laid by poacher in Panna National Park. Leopard struggled but failed to survive. On 30/March/2010, a tigress killed a girl in Bandhavgarh forest. If we compare both the incidences, it seems cat family has taken revenge after lost of one of their family member. Both the incidences are unfortunate but if we compare it with the intention behind incident, we can easily conclude that intention of human society is malicious. Tigress in Bandhavgarh fores was in search of food for its cubs but unfortunately girl reach the site and killed. In case of Panna forest, poacher laid trap with malafide intention.

Khajuraho - Varanasi Link Train on the track

Train between Khajuraho - Varanasi: Bundelkhand link Express running from 31/March/2010

Train Number: 1107A
Train Running Days: Departure from Khajuraho: Tuesday, Friday,Sunday

Journey Duration: 11:50 Hours
Schedule as per main stations
Khajuraho 23:00
Mahoba 00:30
Banda 02:15
Chitrakot 03:50
Manikpur JN 04:35
Allahabad JN 06:45
Varanasi JN 10:50.

Train Number: 1108A
Train Running Days: Departure from Varanasi: Monday,Thursday,Saturday

Journey Duration: 12:35 Hours
Schedule as per main stations
Varanasi JN 17:10
Allahabad JN 22:00
Manikpur JN 00:25
Chitakot 01:01
Banda 02:25
Mahoba 03:25
Khajuraho 05:45.

Coaches Class :- 02nd AC / 03rd AC / Sleeper

As per earlier announcement, train was scheduled to start from 01/Nov/2009 but due to some reasons, it was delayed. Finally now train service has been started and it is a welcome initiative. Khajuraho - Varanasi Train Service will definitely improve connectivity between these two much popular tourist destinations. Tourists usually opt to visit Varanasi or Bandhavgarh as connecting destination to Khajuraho. So far most of the visitors prefers Flight service to travel between them and in case of flight cancellation, only available option was to travel a distance of approx. 400km by car which usually takes 8-10 hours hectic journey. Train option is good for those who cannot afford flight fare and wish to travel comfortably. As most of the time, train will travel in night, it will save time and will not pose problem in scheduling tour program.

March 18, 2010

Trip to Khajuraho Bandhavgarh on Luxury Train : Maharaja Express

Friends, I would like to inform you all about the success of first round visit of Maharaja Express Luxury Train of Cox & Kings in which tourist passengers had visited Khajuraho & Bandhavgarh in Madhya Pradesh.
It was early morning (03:00 AM) at small railway station Umaria. Que of 17 luxury taxi cars at Umaria railway station was attracting attention of every passing-by visitors. Police personnel were also trespassing the railway platform, it seemed as if some VVIP personality was to come. At 5:00 AM, movements of railway officials suddenly increased in the platform and news was spread as if a tourist trains were coming from Khajuraho. With the introduction of banners and stickers on taxi, it was now clear that Maharaja Express was coming at Umaria for Bandhavgarh Trip. Anyone can guess the importance of train and its passengers with the level of ongoing arrangements their at small railway station where waiting room for First Class Passengers remained locked and open only on request of ticket holder to Station Master. Suddenly a Police Patrol Jeep arrived at parking area and officer ordered all the rickshaw pullers and some of sleeping-gypsies to move away from sight as it hurts the image of country. Train arrived at 06:40 Hrs in the morning and first a camera-man suddenly appeared on the station to shoot the arrival and slowly tourist came out following to theirs tour-escorts. Here i little bit of mis-management as some the tourist were looking here & their for their guide/escort as if they have not been informed what to do, where to go, whom to follow but slowly things settled down and almost all the tourist got their taxi and slowly half of the taxi proceed to Bandhavgarh. I was assured, all the tourists have gone but suddenly, a lady of 50+ age appeared on the exit gate and was looking tensed and was looking for the members of company organizing the tour but unfortunately nobody was their to guide her but as another train was coming from Delhi/Agra, some of the taxi drivers were waiting for their guest, they indicated the direction and she managed to get the taxi. Fleet immediately rushed to Tala entrance gate of Bandhavgarh National Park for morning game drive as arrival of train was already delayed by more than 2 hours. As train was already delayed, chance of tiger sighting lessen with the rise in temperature but luck favored all the visitors and almost all the visitors had satisfactory tiger sighting in both Tala & Magdhi range. Some of the visitors have seen 4-5 tigers in single game drive; it was really surprising as at the beginning of the season, many visitors were complaining of decrease in tiger sighting in Bandhavgarh. At around 10:30 hrs, safari jeeps returned back to Taj Mahua Kothi Safari Lodge, where all of them had lunch and then returned back to Umaria Railway Station where Maharaja Express was waiting for its passenger. Ground management was best ever despite of the fact that it was first visit of the train. All the credit goes to Indian Railway Staff, Police officials, Forest Department and those was have been assigned the duty of Ground Handling. We have witnessed the fleet of 17 Luxury Cars waiting at Railway Station Parking area since 3:00 AM with full-fledged preparation, railway staff was continuously monitoring the movement of train and ground level arrangements with an intention to leave no stone unturned. All the combined efforts results to successful trip of Bandhavgarh to Maharaja Express passengers and will definitely promote tourism in Central India.

One thing was wandering in my mind, is it one safari enough to understand the wildlife or to get satisfy our urge to see jungle, freely roaming animals that we have either seen on television/computer screen. I think, it is not so but one thing is their, tiger sighting will definitely give some satisfaction and induce the tourist to visit it again to understand it with long stay. It will promote Central India Tourism. Overall arrangements were good with scope of further improvement.

Sunil Kumar Dubey

February 22, 2010

VULTURES: New face for Panna National Park, India

Disappearance of Tiger population from Panna National Park becomes the only reason for which it attracts media attention. But now authorities of Panna National Park has make up its mind to promote it as a National Park having rare species of Vultures. So picture of Vulture/s will give new face to Panna National Park. Presence of 6 rare species of vultures in Panna forest will be promoted to give some reason to wildlife lovers for visiting it. Panna Park is removed from wildlife itineraries with the disappearance Tigers. Vultures found in Panna Forest are:

1. Long Billed Vulture (Gyps indicus)
2. White Backed Vulture (Gyps africanus)
3. Asian King Vulture (Sarcogyps calvus)
4. Himalayan Griffon Vulture (Gyps himalayensis)
5. Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus)
6. Eurasian Vulture (Aegypius monachus)

Almost disappeared, Black-capped Kingfisher, so far seen in Kanha National Park was also seen in Hinouta Sub-division of Panna forest. Field Director of Panna National Park has also indicated in this direction. He said that officials are trying to focus on birds species found in this Forest region so that they may be exposed to the world to restore the tourism loss, to some extent, occurred due Tigers loss.

In addition to Birding in Panna forest, one can also see World's Oldest Elephant called VATSALA, an unmatched Gem of Panna National Park in Central India. Panna forest has always enjoyed the advantage of being close to Khajuraho Temples (40kms) and enroute on Khajuraho - Bandhavgarh route but all gone into vain with loss of tigers. Bandhavgarh is just 230kms from Panna National Park.