September 21, 2009

After Tigers, what else left for tourists in Panna National Park

Oldest living elephant in the world is in Panna National Park of Madhya Pradesh State, India. She is recognized as oldest living elephant in January 26, 2007 and was found 91 years old. Her name is VATSALA. She was born in Kerala State of South India where she was use to wooden log transportation purpose. Since 1971 she is in Panna National Park. At present she is not used for any kind of work and she is just passing her time in peacefull atmosphere of Panna reserve. Veterinary doctors of park are keeping constant eye on health and care of Vatsala as she is major attraction for tourists and jewel of Panna National Park.

Panna National Park have many elephants serving forest department of Madhya Pradesh. Recently on 18/Sept./2009 at 23:20 hrs, new elephant baby was born to a 45 years old elephant named Anarkali. Newly born baby elephant is gaining popularity among forest officials. As soon as park will open from 16/Oct./2009, he will draw attention of tourists who turn their face from Panna National Park due to dis-appearence of tigers from a Tiger Reserve.

If anyone get the chance to visit Panna National Park, must see both the ends of Elephant family: Oldest Vatsala and youngest baby elephant.

September 7, 2009

Plan to accommodate Cheetah & Asiatic Lion in Madhya Pradesh

Environment Ministry of India is trying to accommodate Cheetah in India. Recently in September, 2009 famous wildlife specialist of South Africa Mr. Deon Cilliers reached Gwalior city of Madhya Pradesh, India. Later he proceed to Kuno Sanctuary in Sheopur district of north-west Madhya Pradesh to find the possibility to accommodate Cheetah in Kuno Sanctuary. Kuno sanctuary is established in 1981 and is spread in area of 345 sq. km. Apart from Kuno Sanctuary he will also visit Rajasthan and Gujarat state to find the possibilities in those states also.

Kuno Sanctuary is also in news for Asiatic Lion Reintroduction Project to accommodate Asiatic lion in these forest. Madhya Pradesh state government is striving hard to arrange lions and accommodate them in Kuno wildlife sanctuary. Wildlife specialists have found this area as most promising site for lion accommodation. In fact last Asiatic lion in Central India was found in same Kuno sanctuary in 19th century. So far Asiatic lion can be seen freely roaming in Gir National Park of Gujarat, India but increasing population is exerting pressure to find new home sites to them.

So we hope and extend our best wishes to all wildlife specialists and government authorities to get success in their mission.