May 23, 2011

Bandhavgarh Mirchahani Tigress killed 02 Human beings

Bandhavgarh tigress killed two human beings in Samna beat of forest. Victim were Budhiya Bai (Female:40years) & Sonesingh (Male: 45years). Incident took place near Tamarha Nala area where Budhiya Bai went to collect Tendu Leaves and tigress was resting with her two cubs in Nala. After hearing the scream of Budhiya Bai, nearby villagers gathered at the spot. About 25-30 villagers were present their. Despite of presence of human crowd, tigress again appeared from bushes and charged on Sone Singh and killed him on the spot.

After hearing the shocking news, forest officials reached the spot and pushed the tigress away from area. Villagers are in shocked and angered after the incident. Forest official keeping eye on region to avoid any unprecedented incident.

It seems tigress charged after judging the danger to her cubs because of the presence of human beings, so close to cubs. But from this incident in presence of tigers may be taken in wrong way by cubs. They may human being as their natural prey or enemy and result to some more attacks in future, by cubs.

May 14, 2011

States will do Tiger Counting Every Year

In recently concluded annual meeting attended by Field Directors of Tiger Reserves of India, under banner of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), decision was taken to do tiger counting in every year. So far, counting in done once in every four year due to which, change in population (positive or negative) reveals in after four year and also it poses delay in taking decision in time.

November 01 is decided as date to start tiger counting in all tiger reserves. Tiger population data in every year will help to know the changing status so that steps will be take more quickly according to changing situation.

Sunil & Akash

May 1, 2011

Tigers Increased in Kanha:- M.P. Forest Department

Recently when tigers census was released in which it was revealed that tiger population has been fallen in Madhya Pradesh forests. Karnataka is the deserving state to be called "Tiger State of India", Madhya Pradesh Forest Department challenged the report by initiating the process of re-counting the tiger population in state. In his recent outcome, Forest Department claims as Kanha Tigers population has been increased by 15 to 20 tigers. Report will be forwarded to Wildlife Institute of India (WII) for approval. During tiger counting, forest department has adopted the same technique & process as used by Wildlife Institute of India for tiger-counting.