December 27, 2010

Tigress killed human being close to Resort in Bandhavgarh

On 26/Dec/2010, Langadi Tigress of Bandhavgarh killed a human being close to Maharaja Royal Retreat Resort in Tala Village, Bandhavgarh. Till 27/Dec/2010 evening, tigress with her cubs remain inside resort boundary. Resort is a heritage resort on main Tala-Umaria road. All safari jeeps pass through that resort to reach Tala park entrance gate.Forest department was trying to push them away from site, using elephants. As it is a peak tourism season in Bandhavgarh, tourists and villagers gathering at the spot to enjoy tiger sighting. Their are many incidents occurred in Tala Village of killing cattle while they are inside village houses but it is a rare incident in which tigress killed a human close to any resort or human presence. Earlier tigress killed a cattle to provide food to her cubs but forest department removed the dead cattle from sight which made her furious and accidentally one villager came into her way and get killed. Forest Department immediately rushed to the spot and controlled the situation.

Sunil & Akash

December 26, 2010

Fight with Fog

Fog in North India started showing its adverse effect on transfers. Flight & trains delay & cancellation are now on notice boards. It is not the first time that we have to face problems due to blanket of dense fog in North India. Tourists often face challenge in taking their connecting or returning flights due to unspecified long delays in trains & flights.

Direct flight between Mumbai & Jabalpur is a great relief for tourists in winters. Unlike North India, Western part of India, in which Mumbai Airport lies, remain unaffected from fog. As Mumbai is also an International Airport, tourists may opt Mumbai as their arrival & departure point to avoid fog-problem. So we can say, instead of Delhi, Mumbai is better option in winters. With direct flight connectivity from Mumbai, now tourists, visiting Central India Wildlife sector, can continue their journey with any fear of delays due to fog.

Sunil Kumar Dubey

December 25, 2010

Jabalpur Mumbai Direct Flight

Good news had came from aviation ministry. Long awaited flight connectivity between Jabalpur and Mumbai will start from 24/Jan/2011. It was highly awaited demand of peoples of Jabalpur to get connected with Mumbai through flight. Kingfisher airlines is going to start this service.

Ticket Booking for Kingfisher Flight (IT-3133) has already been started from Christmas Day i.e. 25/Dec/2010. Flight tickets will range between INR.4000/- to 10000/-.

Flight will come directly from Mumbai where as on returning back to Mumbai flight will stop in Indore Airport.

Jabalpur Mumbai Flight timings:
Depart from Mumbai Airport: 12:10hrs
Reach Jabalpur Airport: 13:40hrs
Depart from Jabalpur: 14:10hrs
Reach Indore Airport: 15:30hrs.
Reach Mumbai Airport: 14:50hrs

Flight connectivity will have great impact on growing tourism activities in Central India. Earlier tourists have to reach Nagpur/Bhopal/Raipur airports to visit tourist destinations like Kanha & Bandhavgarh National Parks. It was as great problem for those who intend to visit Bandhavgarh and wish to travel through flight. Nagpur/Raipur/Bhopal airport are atleast 500kms from Bandhavgarh but now with arrival in Jabalpur Airport, they have to travel only 190kms for Bandhavgarh. Similarly tour itineraries beginning from Mumbai can cover Kanha & Bandhavgarh National Parks.

December 13, 2010

Tiger cubs born in Panna National Park

It is second time, Panna National Park is jubilating with joy due to presence of 02 tiger cubs in forest. T2 Tigress, shifted from Kanha Tiger Reserve, has given birth to 02 tiger cubs. Recently she has been seen by forest officials with 02 cubs. Cubs seem to be about 2-3 months old and are now seen in open. Forest official are now more vigilant has increase the patrolling duty in the region. It is indeed a good news for forest department and the team who has initiated the step to trans-locate tigers from nearby national parks.

In another move, two more orphan tigress are likely to be shifted to Panna forest in near future. Both the sibling tigresses are orphan and were grown up in an enclosure under supervision of Kanha National Park management. Trans-location is likely to be held very soon and will be shifted by road. In the mean time, forest officials are making them habitual to smells that they will find in Panna forest, when they will reach the forest. They are spreading the urine of Panna tigers in the Kanha park enclosure to familiarize the tigresses with the Panna forest atmosphere. It will help them to adjust and adopt Panna forest conditions easily after shift.

December 7, 2010

Bandhavgarh Tala gate watchdog

Hundreds of tourists visits Bandhavgarh National Park in search of wildlife and pass through Tala entrance gate. Many of them may have noticed this dog close to entrance gate. She is a blind dog that lives at Tala entrance gate of Bandhavgarh National Park. We have noticed this dog first in 5 years back and every year whenever we got the chance to visit Bandhavgarh, we go to see her. She is blind but still successfully manage to travel towards the source of sound.

Next time whenever you go to Bandhavgarh, notify this dog as important watchdog at Tala Entrance Gate. When first time I was informed that she is blind, it was very painful to see a helpless life deprive of vision, overcoming the obstacles of life. In Tala zone you may or may not see tiger by you must see this dog. Forest department employee also take care of her and often show their concern towards her health and sitting place.