April 4, 2011

Bandhavgarh Tigers on road

In months of March - April 2011, their are frequent incidents when Bandhavgarh tigers have been seen outside core zone area, in buffer zone, roads, close to resorts. On 03/April/2011, when our guests are going for jungle safari in Magadhi Zone, they have seen 01 male tiger crossing the road. Sighting lasts for 5-10 minutes as her moved from core zone to buffer zone. In another incidents, on 04/April/2011, when our office team going from Nature Heritage resort towards Ranchha village, in late evening, to visit another resort, they spotted a tiger close to Mahua Kothi resort. From resort officials, we learned that tiger was continuously present in that particular area as he has made a kill to 02 cattles & 01 Sambhar. On very next day, i.e, on 05/April/2011, elephants were called inside Mahua Kothi resort as that same tiger was seen inside resort campus and enjoying the luxury of one of the most luxurious resort of Bandhavgarh. It means, it is not safe to move on bare foot, lonely even close to village or resorts and remain careful & vigilant, always. It also means in Bandhavgarh, tiger sighting can be enjoyed even without spending money on safaris.

Sunil & Akash